Timothy Neesam's photography has enjoyed a wide audience through a variety of leading publications, ranging from the Toronto Star, the Architect's Newspaper, the Indian Express, Germany's Geo Magazine, and The Colorado Review

His work has appeared on the websites of Washington State University and Colorado State University. He is a contributor to the UK-published coffee-table book The Beauty of Decay. Timothy's images have also been used in games developed by Menara Games and Gamenauts, Inc.


Most recently, Timothy’s images of urban decay were used by the Norwegian National Opera to promote their 2014 production of Lohengrin.

He has exhibited in the U.S. and Canada, including the Toronto photography festival Contact since 2003, and is a participant in the Heritage Toronto project Building Storeys.

Timothy is a member of Toronto's Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography.

He has worked as a producer and director on a wide range of arts and entertainment projects for CBC Radio, CBC Radio 3, and is currently a senior producer for CBC News.ca.

Gumshoe Photos refers to Timothy's long-standing interest in exploring shadowy worlds ignored by others. While it's been said Timothy himself is something of a flatfoot, his photography is arresting.