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Created 2-Jan-13
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Walking to Gangtey monastery, BhutanThe Taktshang Goemba (Tiger's Nest monastery)Suspension bridge, BhutanTiger's Nest, BhutanBell and drum: Paro Tshechu festival, BhutanDrinking butter tea, Paro Tshechu festivalLandscape between Paro and Thimpu, BhutanHorse, Gangtey valley, BhutanBumthang Dzong and field, BhutanPunhaka dzong, BhutanGangtey monastery,Bhutan, black and whiteReceiving orders, Paro, BhutanSound and visionBumthang girl, BhutanRecorder, Thimpu, BhutanTiger's Nest, Paro, BhutanFarming, Gangtey, BhutanFarming, Gangtey, Bhutan, closerMountaintop, Paro, BhutanDzong interior courtyard, Punhaka, Bhutan

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