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Created 2-Jan-13
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Hidden secretLa Bella e VitaBell and drum: Paro Tshechu festival, BhutanDrinking butter tea, Paro Tshechu festivalBumthang girl, BhutanBoy at bin, Paro Tsechu festival, BhutanMonk with a gun, Paro Tsechu festival, BhutanSmiling man, Paro Tsechu festival, BhutanActor, Paro Tsechu festival, BhutanActor, Paro Tsechu festival, BhutanMasque in black and whiteFashion fades but style is eternalDolly Berlin as Marie AntoinetteKolkata boysKolkata kids, lensbabyThe ViewSometimes even the flight of an angel hits turbulenceAsia fusion, greenSandra: Pose pauseRed in white

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